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Tips on designing website for mobiles and tablets

                 Here are some tips on designing website for mobiles and tablets:

  • Choose a separate URL for your mobile site
  • Choose column page structure. Most  important information should be on the top of the page like site search and navigation.
  • Reduce your navigation and user Input.
  • Do not use flash, java, frames and pop-ups. Minimize the use of images.
  • Have more than one mobile website for differnent devices like ipads, iphone. his will enhance the experience of the user.
  • Use the phones built-in functionality like “Calling” a  particular phone number just by clicking it.
  • Testing the website for mobile devices. you can use Enter Opera Mobile Emulator. The Emulator supports around 20 different platforms.
  • Give users the option on viewing FULL SITE option
  • Your site must use CSS for the layout to ensure maximum compatibility. Avoid using tables.
  • Design the website for for fingers. Click targets should be a minimum of 30-40px in size and use whitespace in between elements to ease clickability.
  • Filling forms can be difficult on mobile device so offer radio buttons and lists wherever possible.  Also, reduce the number of screens a user passes through to complete a form. Form labels should be top aligned rather than left aligned to save space.

Here are some awesome examples:

Hope this helps you to built a user-friendly mobile webiste.

Take Care 🙂


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